Fresh Wok – Satisfy Your Craving for Chinese Takeaway

There are some things everyone needs to live a fulfilled life.  One of those essentials is a go-to Chinese takeout place near your home.  Fresh Wok’s location couldn’t be more convenient in relation to my home which is the reason we tried it the first time.  Since then, we have frequented it monthly for the past two years.

This is a family operated business.  Oftentimes you’ll see the school-age children in the restaurant helping out or doing their homework in one of the booths in the small seating area.  They have a website and accept on-line orders. They do not deliver.

The menu is typical as are the prices.  The dinner combinations include an upgrade to fried rice and come with an eggroll.  The portion size is enough for my husband and I to share with an extra eggroll so we don’t have to arm-wrestle over the one that comes with it.  Bonus: the rectangular plastic containers they use for the combinations are great for leftovers you want to heat up at work the next day.  It fits perfectly in the bottom of my Thirty-one insulated lunch bag.  They also stack neatly and compactly in your kitchen cabinet.

We tend to order the same things over and over, each family member having a distinct favorite dish.  I like it all so I don’t order my own meal but sample from everyone else’s instead.  It‘s a buffet at home!  If I ordered my own, I would have a tough time choosing between Hunan, Szechuan, curry, Kung Pao, orange, or black bean sauce.  I could eat some form of Asian food every day.

Among the dishes we have ordered: chicken with broccoli, beef and broccoli, vegetable lo mein, spareribs, General Tso’s chicken, eggrolls, and the house special fried rice.

In my opinion there is almost too much broccoli in the chicken or beef with broccoli and too few florets with the General Tso.  But since we always order both, problem solved.  How do they get the broccoli perfectly cooked?  Is it par-cooked ahead of time and heated through in the wok with the sauce?  It’s always bright green and crisp-tender.  The brown sauce on the General Tso’s crispy breaded chicken is sweet and tasty but lacks the heat I prefer.  The beef is always tender which pleases our youngest whom often has trouble chewing proteins.

The vegetable lo mein is very good with a variety of veggies.  Eggrolls are crispy and fresh, filled primarily with cabbage and small pieces of pork.  We were disappointed with the spareribs due to toughness.  A favorite of mine is the house special fried rice, combining pork, chicken and shrimp.

My seventh-grade daughter fills up on white rice smothered in soy sauce.  But not the take out packets of soy sauce…the Kikkoman we have in the fridge.  Meanwhile my sophomore daughter LOVES the take out packets of soy sauce, declaring it to be the best soy sauce ever in the history of brewing the stuff.  Both my stepsons refuse to eat rice at all.  Isn’t it funny how different all your kids are?  It sure makes it difficult to please them all at mealtime.  Chinese is one of the few ways we can make everybody happy.  Well, my kindergarten stepson claims not to like “Chinese” but admits he really likes the beef, clarifying that the beef in beef and broccoli is not Chinese food.  There was no explaining that to him.

While it won’t be nominated for a James Beard award, I get what I expect.  We can count on the food at Fresh Wok to be prepared quickly and consistently in generous portions.  We feel it is a good value for our money and our whole family enjoys the meals, thus our repeat business.

I give Fresh Wok four out of five.

Fresh Wok
9433 Westport Rd
Louisville, KY 40242
(502) 425-5188

Fresh Wok on Urbanspoon

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