El Nopal – Keepin’ It Consistent

Finally, the temperature reached 70 degrees!  Granted, it only lasted a day, but it sure was nice.  All I could think about was getting to a patio, stat!  The nearest patio to my house is at El Nopal so El Nopal it was.

(Yes, this is my third review of a Mexican restaurant out of only six reviews.  You got somethin’ to say about that?)

One thing El Nopal has going for it is consistency.  When you order a Lunch #2 you know exactly what it will taste like.  Prices are reasonable, featuring a lunch special each day.  Combine that with the speed at which the food is served and you have a great lunch spot.  When we go for dinner, we like to slow it down purposefully by ordering drinks and then asking for a few minutes before placing our food order.

Tonight, I wasn’t the only one who thought al fresco dining was a great idea.  The patio was almost full.  This location has a nice walled patio area with six-top and four-top black wrought iron patio tables, most with umbrellas.  I just ignore the fact that it looks out onto a parking lot because I love eating outdoors in nice weather.

Since we eat Mexican at least once a week (which would be at least twice for hubby since he has El Nopal almost every Friday) we needed to find a way to satisfy our craving without gaining a ton of weight.  The answer for us: a la carte items.  My husband typically orders the chicken chimichanga ($5.99) which is served with lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and queso sauce.  He asks for ranchero sauce and a fresh, sliced jalapeno ($0.99) as well.  I typically order a chicken fajita taco ($3.50) and a beef taco ($1.99).  Not only does this strategy keep us from overeating, it is economical as well.

As always, the food was fast and consistent.  I particularly like that I can get a single fajita taco without ordering the entire fajita entrée.  The flour tortilla is generously stuffed with grilled peppers, onions, tomato, and chicken.  The beef filling has a nice mild flavor and the taco is topped with a hearty amount of cheese and crisp, cold lettuce.

I also enjoy the taquitos and my daughters have approved the fajitas.  They also have yummy, creamy guacamole.  I have ordered items filled with shredded chicken but I am not crazy about that filling nor am I a fan of the enchiladas.  I think El Nopal’s hot salsa is one of the best in town.  Oftentimes I pick up an order of chips and salsa when I am hosting a party.

The staff at this location are very friendly and recognize us.  Special requests are not a problem.  Drink specials are featured nightly.  Just so you know, margarita nights are Monday and Wednesday – $1.99 for the regular lime margarita.

It’s no wonder they have so many locations around the area because they do their thing well.  While it’s not my preferred Mexican eatery, I have found a few items I enjoy.  No, it’s not going to compete in my book with Guaca Mole. but I try to evaluate a restaurant based on what they are in the business to do.  I give El Nopal 3.5 out of 5.

El Nopal
9451 Westport Rd.
Louisville, KY 40241
(502) 327-6551

El Nopal on Urbanspoon

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