Hay! Chi Wa Waa Caused Us to Say “Whaaaaaaat?”

My husband went out socializing with our neighbors while I was out of town on business last week.  The promise of Mexican food was powerful enough to pull him away from the evening he planned involving Redbox, take-out and his PJs.   The destination:  the Hay! Chi Wa Waa Mexican Bar & Grill in Lyndon.

Since I didn’t experience it firsthand, I extensively interviewed three of the four diners in my husband’s party.  I’ll just give you the high points (or low points, as it were) reported back to me.

1.  Strange salsa – at first the table was informed the kitchen was out of salsa but making more.  When the so-called salsa was delivered, it was piping hot with a flavor much like “tomato soup”.  No one liked the salsa.  They asked the waitstaff if it was supposed to be like that.  My neighbor said that could be a positive, because then she wasn’t tempted to fill up on chips and salsa and add all those extra calories to her meal.  She’s such a “half-full” kind of gal.

2.  Strange chimichanga gravy – my husband is obsessed with both chimichangas and gravy.  He can wax poetic about the different kinds of gravy and their delicious attributes.  Get him started and he’ll rave about chicken gravy, sausage gravy, turkey gravy, even squirrel gravy.  He has declared Los Aztecas to have the very best chimichanga gravy in town.  The gravy on the Hay Chi Wa Waa chimi was not at all to his liking.  He said it was like Salisbury steak gravy complete with bits of onion.  My husband was expecting some version of ranchero and/or queso sauce however, in defense of the restaurant, the menu does describe it as “brown chili gravy”.

3.  Strange chicken – during the interviews I conducted, the diners discussed the chicken and the “something” about it that made it strange.  No one could effectively describe it.  Perhaps it was cooked in advance and had a strange taste or texture due to reheating.  Perhaps it was the particular cut of meat.  They couldn’t put their finger on it.  I read some of the Urbanspoon reviews and several of them spoke of this strange chicken.

4.  Strange service – the group said they had at least a half dozen different employees involved in their service that night.  It seemed chaotic and disjointed.  As they tried to order, the owner/chef attempted to talk them into other dishes.  Two of the diners gave up and told him to just bring whatever he thought they would like.  Maybe my husband should have gone that route, too, given how the chimi thing turned out.

On the positive side, everyone said the guacamole was delicious!  Definitely the best part of the meal, the guacamole retained a chunky texture the group enjoyed.

I think the name is really fun.  I like saying it!

Hay! Chi Wa Waa
808 Lyndon Lane Suite 105
Louisville,  KY   40222

Hay! Chi Wa Waa on Urbanspoon




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