We Enjoyed the Special at the Village Anchor

anchorI have heard lots of good things about The Village Anchor. I’ve also heard it’s pretty pricey unless you take advantage of one of their specials. The Village Anchor is located in the quaint village of Anchorage which boasts the wealthiest tax base of all the school districts in Kentucky. We saw many BMWs and Mercedes’ pull into the parking lot while we enjoyed the fresh air at our outdoor four-top. It was fun watching all the well-dressed diners pour in along with many who appeared to have just left the PGA venue at nearby Valhalla. It also made me jealous of more than one pair of nice shoes I saw walk by.

The restaurant has two parts: the Village Anchor proper, located on the top floor with a gorgeous outdoor patio, and the Sea Hag, located on the lower level with a bar inside and a large covered patio outside. The weather was utterly perfect for outdoor dining so we happily took a seat on the Sea Hag patio. The same menu serves all guests regardless of which level you choose but the specials are only available at the Sea Hag. $10-Buck-Tuesdays offer guests a meal and one adult beverage for only $10 per person. That’s a super deal! We decided to try Big-Bur-Thur which provides guests a gourmet burger, side dish, and two adult beverages for $20 per person.

We were concerned that the place would get very crowded (plus I was starving to death) so we arrived at the Sea Hag shortly before 6:00. There were many available tables at that time but the place did fill up before we left. Wait staff were polished and professional. Everyone at my table ordered the special: a half-pound ground tenderloin burger with pickled red onions, garlic aioli, arugula, white cheddar cheese, and a fried egg on a pretzel bun with tater tots. I 86’ed everything on my burger but the burger and the bun. I know: I eat my hamburgers and hot dogs like a 5-year old. With the special you have your choice of a handful of domestic beers or a glass of house wine.

The food was delivered about the time we all finished with our first round of drinks. The presentation was as nice as it could be I suppose – I mean, how do you make tater tots visually appealing? The plates were an attractive modern shape in crisp white. White plates really showcase the food in my opinion. I am transitioning to all white serve ware at home.

The burger was cooked to perfection – at least for me. There was some slight pink in the thickest part of the burger and the meat was tender and juicy. I don’t think I could have fit the whole stack in my mouth if I had all the accompaniments on the burger. I mashed it down as best I could just with the pretzel bun. Everyone in my party enjoyed the burger with lots of nods for the pretzel bun and the fried egg. The tater tots are probably pre-made frozen and fried on site, but they were crispy and hot. I would not say no to a crispy tater tot.

In an unexpected and creative turn, the bill is presented to you tucked inside the pages of a paperback romance novel.. You know, the kind with the voluptuous woman being held tightly by an Adonis?

Even with the two beverages included, I’m not sure this was an exceptional value. The wine list showed the least expensive glass of wine at $6 which means the burger could be valued at $8 and that’s just where I think it should be. Therefore it is a fair price but not like a half-off sale in the Macy’s shoe department. (I really have shoes on my mind today.) I plan to come back for $10-Buck-Tuesday and enjoy the patio again. The regular menu includes lots of dishes that are very appealing to me including shrimp and grits and sea bass but the prices would put it into the “special occasion” category so they’ll have to compete with Volare and Jeff Ruby’s for my attention.

I rate The Village Anchor 3.5 out of 5 for this visit. (The patio gets a 5!)

The Village Anchor
11507 Park Road
Anchorage, KY 40223

Village Anchor and Sea Hag Pub on Urbanspoon

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